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There is a positive energy and sense of fun that can be associated with both Activator and Woo. Both are Influencing themes, and both Activator and Woo can motivate others and influence the decisions and actions of a team. This makes both themes look somewhat similar in their outcomes, but the motivation comes from different sources. Jsgme il2 1946 patch. Woo (Winning Others Over) finds energy in meeting new people, creating a network, getting people on its side, bringing energy to social situations. Activator finds energy in getting things moving, starting a project, getting a decision and then acting. For Woo, meeting people and networking feels like an accomplishment in and of itself, while for Activator the purpose of meeting people and networking is to "rally the troops" to take action and get going. Small talk often times may not feel productive to an Activator, while for those with Woo small talk can feel very productive - because it builds relationships that add to the network.

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The theme of Self-Assurance is characterized by a strong internal compass: those high in Self-Assurance are confident in their own ability to lead their own lives, make the right decisions, and successfully reach goals without much advice or help from others. There is a self-reliance to the Self-Assurance theme that is particularly influential; people tend to follow those who know where they are going.

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Empathy and Individualization are both very intuitive themes. But the intuition about others is subtly different. Empathy intuitively knows how someone feels; Individualization intuitively knows who someone is. Those with strong in Empathy talents have a gift for sensing other people's feelings; those with strong Individualization talents have a gift for figuring out what make each person tick. Individuals high in Individualization are fascinated by human uniqueness, and those high in Empathy are fascinated by human emotion.


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The CliftonStrengths theme of Woo

People high in Achiever not only possess the stamina to work hard and be productive, they are driven to work hard and be productive-it's a need that must be fulfilled every day. Achiever is a productivity theme, and Achievers are restless until something - anything - is accomplished each and every day.

If Significance runs faster when there are fans in the stands cheering, Competition runs faster when there is someone running just as fast in the next lane. Both themes have an others component to them; those high in Significance perform in order to gain the feedback of others - and thus improve performance, while those high in Competition measure themselves against others - and thus improve performance. Those with strong Competition talents are acutely aware of their competition and strive to win; those with strong Significance talents are acutely aware of who may be watching and strive to be noticed - especially by those who are significant to them.


There is a commonality of accomplishing and finishing between Achiever and Focus that make them look very similar in terms of their behaviors. But while Achiever can sometimes be characterized by a flurry of activity (https://foodprocessingtechasia.com/serial-code/?file=6544), Focus is most often characterized by prioritization of activity in relation to accomplishing a goal. Driver brother hl-2140 win7 activation.

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If Intellection is the philosopher, Analytical is the scientist. Again, both are questioning themes. Intellection asks deep and profound questions about the essence of an idea; Analytical ask probing questions about the soundness of a theory - "prove it to me" guides the inquiry of Analytical. Both Intellection and Analytical need time to think, to ponder, to examine. Those with Analytical in their Top 5 tend to think about data, facts, and discovering patterns; those with Intellection in their Top 5 tend to think about concepts and theories - because the theoretical is the precursor to the practical. Analytical boils things down to their essence; Intellection drills deep and plumbs the depths.


Activators want to get things started and often get bored half way through the project. Those high in Competition will see it through - particularly if they are winning or are close to victory. Those high in Competition often will spend time on developing a winning strategy, while those high in Activator (https://foodprocessingtechasia.com/serial-code/?file=7068) often will jump in, get started and make it up as they go along.

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Focus and Individualization tend not to show up in a person's Top 5 very often, so when this occurs it is real opportunity to explore a powerful and unusual theme combination. Individualization is energized by the uniqueness of individuals, and as such might be inclined to get sidetracked from accomplishing a goal by an interesting personal story. Focus is energized by working towards a goal, and might be inclined to be oblivious to the people around him or her. However, Individualization can be a powerful additive to Focus, in that those with Individualization can help find the right people to be part of the team that enables those with Focus to achieve their goal.

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If you have Relator as one of your Signature Themes of talent, it's very likely that you have an inner circle - a small group of friends that you've likely had for a long time, maybe even since childhood. And that inner circle is hard to get into, and even harder to get kicked out of. Relator is selective, and tends to be slow and cautious in establishing relationships.

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My father once told me there are two ways to look at work: one way is to see the income you make from your job as the way you can make a difference in the world; the other way is to see your job as the way you make your difference in the world. Those high in Belief talents more often than not see work in light of the second option.

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Responsibility and Belief can look a lot alike - especially because there is a strong values component to each theme. Belief makes sacrifices for things that are important; Responsibility keeps promises and follows through on commitments. For Responsibility, however, the values orientation tends to be more personal and relational than for Belief. Belief is driven to act with integrity, Responsibility is driven to serve. For those high in Responsibility, values are best demonstrated in make commitments and keeping commitments to others; for those high in Belief values are best demonstrated in altruistic acts.

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There is an authenticity about those strong in Relator talents that draws others to them, that makes others want to trust them. This is one of the paradoxical attributes of Relator: People tend to want to open up to those high in Relator - far more so than those with high Relator want to open up with them until they get to know them. I call it the "trustability" factor of Relator - Relators are trustworthy, don't betray confidences, and are genuine and authentic because they themselves value authenticity.

Both Learner and Ideation are thinking themes, so ideas, concepts, theories, and knowledge are central to each theme. But there are significant differences to how all this thinking is done. Those with dominant Learner talents tend to prefer a more systematic approach to acquiring new information - taking a class, participating in a webinar, reading a textbook. Ideation can tend to be more random, less prescriptive, and less dependent on other sources - be they teachers, books, articles, etc. Both Learner and Ideation appreciate and need novelty, but for Ideation the novelty comes from within - one's own creative thoughts - while for Learner the novelty tends to come from without - books, classes, experience, etc. Those high in Learner can keep a team on the cutting edge of their field by learning and applying what is new; those high in Ideation can keep a team on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation by challenging status quo thinking.


That's the image I have for Arranger - an image that stresses out most people, but energizes and excites those with strong Arranger talents. Arrangers like complexity, intricacy, motion, and configuring people and systems for optimum results. Arranger is a way of getting things done - a flexible organizational mindset, if you will, that maximizes productivity.

Learners follow the things that interest them, and they are always interested in learning something new. If a subject area is of deep interest to them or particularly relevant to their jobs, those high in Learner may very well seek mastery in that area - the idea of being a subject matter expert is quite appealing to those with strong Learner talents.

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Those with Intellection in their Top 5 tend to take an inquiring approach to growth and learning, while those with Input in their Top 5 tend to take and acquiring approach to growth and learning. Individuals high in Input contribute tangible tools and relevant resources that help a team accomplish its goals; individuals high in Intellection contribute depth of wisdom and clarity that can help a group understand its purpose and goals.


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Consistency is in the Bottom 5 of my CliftonStrengths theme sequence, sitting at number 32, so I don't have a great personal understanding of this theme. I needed a "poster child," someone with strong Consistency talents that I could look to as an example.

While both Ideation and Intellection are energized with the activity (https://foodprocessingtechasia.com/serial-code/?file=5131) of thinking about things, the approach to thinking that Ideation takes is more of that of an artist, while the approach Intellection takes is more of that of a philosopher. Ideation loves novelty, while Intellection loves theory. Intellection tends to do deep thinking about a particular subject, plumbing the depths and considering all the angles and theories. Ideation may also take a deep dive, but it is more likely to be about the possibilities and can spin off into many directions - one thought leading to another and then another. When individuals have both Ideation and Intellection as dominant themes, they are apt to come up with creative ideas, think them through, and develop a cohesive theory for implementation.


Some of the most meaningful moments I've had in the last three years came while I had the extreme privilege of co-leading Strengths Coaching courses with Gallup's Strengths Guru, the late Curt Liesveld. I always learned so much from Curt - about strengths, about coaching, and about life. One of the many things I learned from Curt was the value of comparing and contrasting.

The Road Warrior and Star Trek movie series paint very different pictures of the future. Road Warrior is definitely dystopic, while Star Trek is more on the utopic side; one is a negative vision, and one is a positive vision. Those with Futuristic don't always have a "progress is always better" vision of the future; sometimes that vision is scary. Those with Positivity, however, bring social energy, a contagious enthusiasm, and an optimistic attitude to their work and life - and always see the glass as half-full. Both Positivity and Futuristic impact the emotions of others. Futuristic can create images of the future that inspire others, and Positivity can lift and lighten the mood of others. When the current situation is negative, those high in Futuristic can lift their own mood by thinking about the future and what can be - while those high in Positivity lift their own and others' moods by concentrating on the positive aspects of what is happening now.


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Of the over 12 million people who have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment worldwide, 11% have Deliberative among their Top 5 or Signature Themes of talent. This makes it one of the rarer Signature Themes, and as such can often be misunderstood or mistaken for other themes.

Certainty is a common denominator of both Self-Assurance and Belief, so the outcomes and behaviors can look similar. For Self-Assurance, that certainty comes from trust in oneself, while for Belief certainty comes from trust in truth outside of oneself - values, ethics, mission, etc. Those with strong Belief talents are passionate and uncompromising about core values; those with strong Self-Assurance are internally confident in the midst of uncertainty. This "unwavering" quality of both Self-Assurance and Belief is attractive to those looking for someone to follow. Belief can be seen as rigid or inflexible when it comes to core values; Self-Assurance can be seen as rigid and inflexible when it comes to personal autonomy.


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Maximizer is driven to take what is already great and make it superb. Excellence is the standard, and nothing less will do. Maximizer seeks a maximum return on investment, and is choosy in whom and in what to invest. Those high in Maximizer love to take A performers and turn them into A+ All Stars. Maximizers focus on quality over quantity, and would rather do a few things with excellence than be average at a lot of things. Maximizer also sees focusing on building strengths - rather than fixing weaknesses - as the most effective and efficient route to success.


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I was having a coaching conversation with an individual with Harmony as his top theme who had done two tours in Iraq as a Military Police officer. I asked him what he liked best about his service in Iraq, and he said what he enjoyed most was getting out in the neighborhoods and talking to the residents and finding out about them and their lives - and finding common ground.

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If Ideation is the artist and Intellection the philosopher in our theoretical academic community, Input is the librarian - the collector, archiver, and resource. When Ideation says, "I've been fascinated with the Internet of Things recently," Input replies, "Ooh! I just read an article about that!


Input is accepting of a diversity of ideas, Includer is accepting of a diversity of people. There can be a great depth of consideration for both themes, given Input's hunger for more information and Includer's ability to consider multiple viewpoints. Includer draws the circle wider to bring in more people; Input expands the circle of knowledge available for useful purposes.

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Consistency and Harmony have a lot of similarities. Both themes trend to be more focused on groups than individuals. Both themes have an efficiency component to them. And both themes tend to Focus on how we get along and work together. Consistency works toward creating the organizational efficiency of a group, while Harmony works to establish the emotional efficiency of a group. Harmony sees conflict as completely unproductive and so will either avoid conflict or resolve it; Consistency sees the establishing of group norms and standards as key to preventing the conflict that makes groups unproductive. Consistency creates efficient processes for a group, while Harmony manages the emotions of a group.

Futuristic sees tomorrow in vivid detail, anticipates or imagines what could be, and inspires others with that vision. Futuristic is not content with the status quo, but rather is inspired but what the organization, relationship, the situation can become. Those with Futuristic in their Top 5 often spend so much time thinking about and envisioning the future that today can seem like the past.


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Explore the similarities and differences of Connectedness with Belief, Harmony, and Futuristic. All of these themes have a lot in common with Connectedness, but it is important to note their differences.


Strategic can sometimes be mistaken for - or look like - Connectedness (and vice versa) due to the fact that often times Strategic sees the chain reactions of events and plans: This leads to that, which leads to this, and so on. But even with these similarities, Strategic and Connectedness are not the same. Strategic is about alternative plans; Connectedness is about interlinked relationships. Both Strategic and Connectedness see the big picture, but Strategic sees that big picture in terms of processes, systems, and potential options - while Connectedness sees that big picture in terms of webs, connections, consequences, and relationships. Strategic sees processes and alternate paths towards a goal; Connectedness sees the intertwined relationships between events, people, or concepts. Connectedness tends to believe that everything happens for a reason and that there are few consequences; Strategic tends to believe that there are alternate paths to the same outcome and that there is a best way to get to that outcome.

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Those with strong Ideation talents are fascinated by ideas. A new idea makes their day, and often times the ideas come like popcorn. I had a colleague high in Ideation who said she would often vow to stay quiet during team meetings, but at around the 20-minute mark found herself clutching the edge of the table in order to keep all the ideas from bursting forth.


Learner is a way of thinking; Focus is a way of executing. Those with Learner in their Top 5 are driven to pursue their interests; those with Focus in their Top 5 are driven to pursue their goals. As such, for Learner interests guide intention; for Focus intention guides interests. Focus is characterized by single-mindedness, while Learner is characterized by variety of experiences. Individuals strong in Focus talents will keep the team on track to persevere until the goal is reached; individuals strong in Learner talents will bring new information to the team that might change the route or even the goal itself. When paired either together in an individual's Top 5 or as complementary partnerships of two people, Learner and Focus can be a powerful combination that results in mastery, determination, and achievement.

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Futuristic challenges an organization or team to think beyond quarterly results and create a plan that will bring long term success. Forecasts and projections energize those with strong Futuristic talents, and their approach to problem solving is far less concerned with how we got here than with where we are going.

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Harmony is another relationship building theme, and the goal of both Positivity and Harmony is the same: Let's all get along and work together well. That said, those high in Harmony and those high in Positivity go about achieving that goal differently. Harmony listens to different points of view to find areas of agreement and compromise, thereby reducing or eliminating conflict so progress can be made. Positivity lightens the mood, gets everyone laughing, celebrates the accomplishments of the team, and creates an atmosphere of positive, enthusiastic camaraderie so that progress can be made. There are different ways to get along, and both Positivity and Harmony are especially adept at finding those ways.

Those high in Self-Assurance tend to be seen by others as risk-takers. But the reality is from the perspective of Self-Assurance, if I feel like this action is the right one to take, it isn't risky at all. Those with high Self-Assurance need to be in control of their own destiny, and they take steps to ensure that they are. They are confident in what they do well, and not threatened by others who are talented in areas where they are not. They will recruit and recognize talented individuals, secure in their own abilities.


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Both Harmony and Adaptability are Relationship Building themes, and both have a calmness to them that is quite appealing. Harmony is even-keeled and calm because strong emotions can intensify conflict - and conflict is completely unproductive. Adaptability's calm comes from the ability to be in the moment, to go with the flow, and focus on the now. Harmony can be very proactive, seeking to find points of agreement, beginning the dialogue that leads to compromise. Adaptability is reactive, seeing what is happening and then changing course as needed and integrating into the new direction. Harmony manages and reduces emotional volatility and variability, and Adaptability calms the waters by displaying a willingness to follow the lead of change. When Harmony arrives at the compromise, Adaptability willingly follows along.

Individuals high in Focus tend to be able to tune out distractions and concentrate - and they are sometimes so absorbed in what they are doing they don't see or hear anything else that is happening around them. Focus is a way of getting things done, and being efficient is crucial to the achievement of goals.


Harmony finds the common ground, finds areas where we can all agree, moves forward. For Harmony, conflict is unproductive. The sooner we can find agreement, Harmony asserts, the sooner we can move on and make progress.

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But it is the nature and intent of the questions and inquisitiveness that sets the questioning aspect of these themes apart. Input's questions are "tell me more, tell me more, tell me more" - in an effort to gather more information that may or may not be useful. The information in and of itself is the prize, because as a collector of ideas or things (or both), information is golden. Input is about breadth of information. Analytical, on the other hand, has a more directed purpose for questioning.

Those with Significance in their Top 5 are concerned with the influence they have now and the legacy they will leave to future generations. Their Significance theme drives them to do important work, take on projects that will make a difference, to step to the front when others shrink back. Seeking to be credible, professional, and successful drive those with Significance to work hard and make an impact on the world.


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Taking the easy route is not the road taken when the more difficult path will yield superior results. Those with strong Maximizer talents tend to evaluate rather than celebrate; after all it could always be better, and improvement is always an option to be followed.

Both those high in Restorative and those high in Input can ask a lot of questions. Their questions, however, tend to be of a different nature. Restorative asks questions about a problem, seeking to understand or get to the root of it so the problem can be solved. Input asks questions seeking more information - oftentimes simply because it's interesting. Yet both Restorative and Input have a helpfulness aspect to them. Restorative loves to provide help by finding solutions to problems, and Input loves to provide relevant and tangible tools that can be helpful. Restorative is a trouble-shooter; Input is a resource collector.


Individuals with Communication in their Top 5 are verbally influential, and rarely have trouble coming up with just the right word or the perfect metaphor to illustrate and animate their point. Those with strong Communication talents paint the picture with words so that others can vividly see what they are describing. They are good conversationalists, and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

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While both Includer and Relator are Relationship Building themes, at their core they are very different. Those with strong Includer talents tend to widen the circle, while those with strong Relator talents tend to narrow the circle. Those high in Includer tend to naturally seek out the input of all the members of the group; those high in Relator tend to naturally seek out the input of those they know well. Includer tends to be socially accepting and tolerant; Relator tends to be socially deep, seeking intimacy and stability. Those with strong Relator talents are socially transparent; they invite their friends in. Those with strong Includer talents are socially inclusive; they invite outsiders in.

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People high in Command instinctively take charge, express their opinion, calm the chaos, and give direction. They can inspire and they can intimidate - and both are of those can be positive attributes. As a leader, you want and need to inspire your team to do things they never thought they could; and there are also times you need to intimidate those who would threaten your team.

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Both Command and Woo (Winning Others Over) are Influencing themes, and both seek to sway others' opinions to their way of thinking and acting. Woo wants to be liked; Command wants to be followed. But Command can look like Woo in that can be a certain charm or charisma element to Command as a way of garnering followership. Woo finds energy in meeting new people, whereas Command finds energy in leading people. People high in Woo sometimes smooth over conflict in order to grow their network; people high in Command sometimes accelerate conflict in order to move the team or relationship forward. Woo seeks to inspire trust through personal connection; Command seeks to inspire trust through accomplishing a difficult goal.

Both Relator and Developer have an investment component to them. Those strong in Relator talents invest in their relationships with those close to them, while those strong in Developer talents invest in the growth and potential of those around them. For Relator, the focus is on the potential in the relationship; for Developer the focus is on the potential in the person.


Restorative and Analytical can look remarkably similar. Both tend to ask a lot of questions, both examine and explore what is in front of them, and individuals high in Restorative as well as those high in Analytical can be seen as adept trouble-shooters and excellent problem solvers. But with their similarities, there are significant differences as well. Restorative is primarily an Executing theme, while Analytical is primarily a thinking theme. Analytical tends to be perfectly satisfied with identifying the problem through an examination of the data and asking all the right questions - without having to actually carry out the steps; that can be left to someone else. But for those high in Restorative, the whole purpose of analyzing data and asking probing questions is so that they themselves can implement the steps and solve the problem.

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In a nutshell, people strong in the Strategic theme spot relevant patterns in any given scenario, and can quickly create alternate and multiple ways to proceed. Where most see only complexity, they see patterns and alternatives. Strategic is about considering all the options, selecting the best one, and then moving down that path - often before anyone else does. It's a specific way of seeing the world.

Input and Learner are extremely close in nature. So close, in fact, that some of our strengths experts have suggested that if we were to shrink the number of CliftonStrengths Themes from 34 to 33, Learner and Input could be combined. I would suggest that these two themes are different. Yes, they are similar in many aspects, but there are some important differences between them. Learner loves the process of learning - taking a class, getting a certification, sequentially building a knowledge base. Input is more concerned about the collection of useful information, tools, and resources. Learner tends to be more systematic, considering the experience of acquiring knowledge and leading to mastery as a goal. Input can be more pragmatic, focusing on the information itself rather than the process. Learner is targeted, Input is broad and varied. Strong Learner loves mastery of a subject; strong Input loves to be useful and helpful.


I used simple server to update my system to windows 10, 2 days back. After the installation, my simple server stoped working. It starts and displays the error "system call has failed". Please does any one know how to resolve this issue?

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Individuals high in Achiever and those high in Responsibility both tend to be very productive; they get things done, and work tirelessly until the task is completed. They look a lot alike, but there is a significant difference in the motivation to accomplish tasks. Achiever is an internally motivated theme: it feels so good to get so much done. Responsibility is an externally motivated theme: it feels so good to keep my commitments - if I told you I would do it, my word is my bond and you can count on me to do it. Both Achiever and Responsibility likes to be known as reliable, but that reliability drive comes from a different place. For Achiever, the reliability results from feeling good about accomplishing a lot and being known as a hard worker who can be counted on to get things done. For Responsibility, the reliability results from feeling good about being someone others can count on to keep their word and fulfill their commitments. For those with both Achiever and Responsibility in their Top 5 (which happens a lot as Achiever is number one and Responsibility is number two in our database), the temptation is to take on too much and overcommit - due to the both the internal push and external pull to be productive that characterizes these super-busy individuals. If you find yourself in this boat, you may need a partner who can help you push the pause button every now and then.

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If we use the image of a race, a competitor with strong Significance talents will run faster when there are fans in the stand watching. Significance craves feedback as a means to improve performance - being watched and evaluated are keys to success for Significance. When he was in his 90s, Bob Hope was asked why he didn't retire and go fishing.


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While Futuristic and Strategic are likely to show up together in a person's Top 5, that is not the case with Futuristic and Consistency. The differences lie primarily in each theme's approach to the status quo. Those high in Futuristic tend to resist - even hate - the status quo. For them, the status quo inhibits creativity and keeps us chained to the present. On the other hand, for those high in Consistency the status quo ensures fairness and provides for the smooth and orderly conduct of the group. Futuristic anticipates and imagines what could or should be, while Consistency reduces variance and increases uniformity. Consistency is focused on the fairest and most orderly way to get things done now, while Futuristic focuses on what the world or our team will be like next year - or 10 years forward.

Both Focus and Deliberative are executing themes and concern themselves with getting work done. The differences lie in how those strong in each of these themes get work done. Focus sets a goal, charts a course, and sets out. Deliberative considers and anticipates obstacles, looking for what could go wrong. There is a caution inherent to Deliberative that is not necessarily an attribute of Focus. Deliberative wants to delay the start until all the factors that could get in the way are considered and dealt with; Focus wants to set out on the path and get moving toward the end result. Those high in Focus may become frustrated by those high in Deliberative (and vice versa), but if each learns to truly appreciate the talents of the other, Deliberative and Focus can become powerful partners.


Individualization sees human diversity as a potential to be celebrated rather than a problem to be solved. In finding the right fit for the job, Individualization starts with the person and then finds the right job - as opposed to starting with the job and then finding the right person.

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Both Strategic and Arranger are what I call "flexibility" themes - each have an inherent flexibility about them that helps individuals with strong talents in either of these themes make changes - and often make them quickly. But there are subtle yet important differences that set them apart. Strategic is a way of thinking, Arranger is a way of doing. While there are many similarities between Strategic and Arranger, here are what I see as the subtle differences: Strategic is more 30,000 feet, while Arranger is on the ground. Strategic sees possible future options - what can we do - while Arranger tends to see the best configuration of what is in the here and now. Arranger puts all the pieces together for maximum productivity, and Strategic sees all the options and selects the best path for efficient execution. Arranger acts, Strategic thinks. Arranger is a way of moving things forward; Strategic is a way of figuring things out.


Both Positivity and Adaptability are essentially relationship building themes, and both have a quality about them that attracts others to them. The attractiveness of Adaptability lies in the tendency of those with high Adaptability to give their undivided attention to whoever they are with at the moment. The attractiveness of Positivity lies in the tendency of those with high Positivity to lift the spirits and give joy to whoever they are with at the moment. Adaptability tends to be game for whatever fun Positivity cooks up, and together they are fun to be around.

Here's where we should be in 10 years. Future generations will thank us. We need to do some long-range planning.


For those on the receiving end of either Woo or Individualization, the feeling can be the same: an intense interest in me, which makes me feel special. For Woo, that interest is about the thrill of meeting new a new person, and serves the purpose of building the network. Once the connection is made, those high in Woo may move on to make another connection. For Individualization, the thrill is in the discovery of uniqueness, and finding out what makes each person tick. Woo needs social variety and a broad network of people with which to connect; Individualization can be very content with a smaller group and is fascinated with the seemingly endless uniqueness of each person on in the group.

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Those high in Includer have a strong sense of what it feels like to be left out, and want to make sure no one feels that way. There is a very tolerant aspect to Includer; Individuals with Includer in their Top 5 tend to be very tolerant and accepting of different points of view, different faith positions, different life experiences. Everyone is to be valued and brings value to the team, and everyone needs to be heard. A team's success depends on its ability to collaborate, and Includer is the catalyst that leads to productive collaboration.


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Individuals high in Context may be mistakenly thought to be high in Consistency, especially when they are advocating for a consistent approach that aligns with past decisions. While that may be the outcome of Context, the two themes are really quite different. Context is primarily a way of thinking about and analyzing information, while Consistency is primarily a way of getting things done. Consistency wants to improve efficiency by reducing variation.

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Look at the similarities and differences between Deliberative and Analytical, Context, and Responsibility. All four of these themes tend to be serious (depending on the other themes that surround them) - but what drives the serious nature of each of these themes is different and unique to each theme.

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