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Time dependent behavior of a prototype and a user are graphically depicted (see Figure 15). Typically, the interactions are cognitively derived by the design team, though simulations or mockups may be constructed and then documented. Pes 13 graphics patch. Storyboarding can permit focus on the core concept rather than details in testing (Wong Reference Wong1992). It is limited to the designer’s domain knowledge in terms of the accuracy of the representation. Storyboarding may be supported or enhanced with other approaches such as calculations, simulations, or even physical testing of key steps.

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As far as the research is concerned from a holistic perspective, the focus is on customers and functionality in use. There is little exploration of other concerns which emerge in later stages of prototyping as a product, service, or system nears deployment.

Figure 25. Haptic interface, in this case, a multi-functional display is simulated for a reusable launch vehicle with various interactive display mechanisms and controller feedback points. Courtesy Gilmour Space Technologies.


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Mixed prototypes enable prototyping in complex systems where it may be difficult to model the entire system with a single approach. They also enable the integration of various levels of fidelity. Mixed prototypes typically emerge at later stages of prototyping once subsystem prototypes are integrated. Mixed prototypes enable the evaluation of system behaviors. The design team may critically discuss which elements should be physical or virtual (Filippi & Barattin Reference Filippi and Barattin2014).

Design science is the study of designs and the behavior of humans as they conduct design. Often the objective of such research is to understand how and why we design so as to be able to improve that process (Papalambros Reference Papalambros2015). Prototyping is ubiquitous in the development of innovative products, services, and systems. There are several reasons why a design team might develop a prototype, and an extensive space of techniques for their development. Prototyping is perhaps most well known for design refinement. It may be complex to navigate the space of possible objectives, and techniques when developing a series of prototypes throughout a development effort. This review provides a novel framework for navigating the prototyping space as well as a critical review of each technique that is supported by the literature. Numerous industrial examples are provided from the authors’ design efforts to support the depiction of each technique.


To alleviate the strain evoked through the above methods to enhance performance, various techniques can enable earlier and lower cost prototyping in resource constrained projects. Prototypes with reduced requirements or mockups are a powerful tool to rapidly explore concepts and enable communication; however, they may misrepresent physical principles and must be evaluated with caution. Isolated subsystem testing can also reduce costs and permit tailored requirements. Scaled prototypes can enable testing in cases when a full-scale system might be infeasible; however, well-planned testing is required to achieve an accurate model. Finally, virtual prototypes (simulations) can supply detailed test data. They may also drastically reduce prototyping costs. However, significant technical expertise may be required to develop an accurate virtual model.

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There are opportunities for seminal work in integrating design science with the open-source movement, and to explore the full capabilities of additive manufacturing as a prototyping tool. In parallel with this, it appears that there is an enormous untapped potential to explore distributed task decomposition. Directed crowd source studies have explored how designers may work with distributed groups for assessment and survey. However, there are few studies in directed crowd-based development efforts in which the crowd develops new designs or prototypes.


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This review provides a foundational comparison of the various techniques of prototyping along with key insights from the literature. Figure 1 depicts several exemplar prototypes.

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Figure 18. (Left) Stress loading in a finite element model (FEM) of a reusable launch vehicle (RLV) simulator; (right) Final, complete functional prototype of an RLV simulator. Courtesy of Gilmour Space Technologies.

In short, most designs are part of a product-service system, and there is relatively little research on product-service system prototyping and the transition to market. These aspects are necessary for the development of successful designs.


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There are powerful tools to apply design optimization with virtual prototypes. Open-source tools, such as Modelica (Association Reference Association2012), provide text-based, object-oriented approaches to constructing dynamic simulations of physical systems.

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The corollary process objectives of reducing cost, and reducing time are included here. They are critical in defining a strategy (Thomke Reference Thomke1998; Dahan & Mendelson Reference Dahan and Mendelson2001; Thomke & Bell Reference Thomke and Bell2001). This chart functions as a reference index to prepare a prototyping effort.

If your team believes a different approach would be more successful, return to Stage 1: Plan, and develop a new and different. Parameter Setting 7.4 X 4.7 X 3.0 m Room size 290 / 1450 mm ( 5H ) Screen height / screen distance 2 200 cd / m Peak luminance of screen e; 0.02 Ratio 9f luminance of inactive screen to peak luminance Ratio of the luminance of screen, displaying only black level in a completely dark room, to that corresponding to peak white - 0. Labels: social justice. Simon Fraser University. Manual patch exe radeon xt drivers windows 7 sql server set Lingvosoft Phrasebook Hebrew To Czech v crack by Lz0 usb driver for microsoft sidewinder precision racing wheel installation driver download Dungeon: dsj 4 graphic patch by simon download C, USMT 0 Xml, isnt USMT help the Simon USMT a. Institute of Metabolic Disease Research and Drug Development, China Medical. US7987228B2 US10/481, 933 US48193304A US7987228B2 US 7987228 B2 US7987228 B2 US 7987228B2 US 48193304 A US48193304 A US 48193304A US 7987228 B2 US7987228 B2 US 7987228B2 Authority US United States Prior art keywords service network user vpn provisioning Prior art date 2020-07-03 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.


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There are many potential objectives to design prototyping. This section explores common objectives of prototyping. To acquire this list, first the Authors’ reviewed the full set of articles to filter those which discuss the objectives of prototyping as a process. This resulted in a list of forty articles. Next the individual objectives discussed in each article were listed in a separate document. These objectives were grouped into emergent categories based on iterative binning. The binning was repeated by two raters and differences resolved through discussion to form a final integrated set of bins. Figure 2, presents the binning results. More commonly cited objectives are indicated through a larger chart area in the diagram (direct proportion to number of times listed). The remainder of this section will later define each objective.

A mockup is an extreme case of relaxed requirement prototyping that demonstrates a feature(s) of a system or product concept in an abstract, high-level way (see Figure 11). Although mockups may only approximate a system’s or product’s actual physical behavior, they are very useful and may be more practical in some stages of development (Otto & Wood Reference Otto and Wood2001).


Design prototyping methods: state of the art in strategies, techniques, and guidelines

It is important to note that a slow fabrication process may induce fixation, but a rapid one will not, as compared to sketching only (Viswanathan & Linsey Reference Viswanathan and Linsey2013). Prototypes may be more often used to communicate within domain analogies, and sketches for between domain analogies (Christensen & Schunn Reference Christensen and Schunn2007).

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The advertising industry, by contrast has demonstrated enormous success with more tightly integrated prototyping and evaluation through to release. This may be due to the media of delivery; however, with the advent of digital manufacturing and open-source technology, later stage revisions may also be more achievable in product, service, and system development.

Figure 11. (Left) Paper mockups of the structure of an atomic force microscope casing; (center) intermediate functional prototype; (right) sample scanned image from a later prototype. In this particular design context, mockup prototyping permitted high-level assessment of many potential frame designs in parallel (with limited resources). More than thirty mockups, similar to the design in the left frame, were fabricated with paper and clay in less than 45 minutes.


Several variants to virtual prototyping are discussed below. Some of these techniques may consist of complete research fields in other contexts; herein key observations are taken from the subset of literature in those fields intersecting with research on design prototyping. The categorizations are developed through critical review of the literature.

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The minimum viable prototype is often recommended to avoid unnecessary effort. An experimental study observed a surprising inverse correlation with the number of parts and the success of a prototype (Yang Reference Yang2005). In general, there is a nearly linear trend of part number increase over the course of project development (Yang Reference Yang2005). Therefore, one technique to improve performance during fabrication is to minimize the number of parts. This can be achieved through design, as well as by leveraging several of the technologies outlined below.


Figure 5, further explains the relationship between the major techniques. It is a map of the prototyping strategy space. This map provides a structured view of the way prototyping can be implemented, ‘How’. The prototyping strategy for a particular product, service, or system can consist of the evaluation of multiple concepts. Each of those concepts may be tested or developed with multiple iterations. The embodiment of each iteration of each concept can be described with four characteristics: the scale, the system level, the requirements fidelity, and the media. These approaches are independent of problem type or design domain. It applies to development of electrical, mechanical, systems, architectural, software, or service designs. This model is inferred from extensive and critical review of the literature as well as the Authors’ industrial design experience.

Physical models demonstrate flexibility across a range of disciplines and generally support design education (Green & Smrcek Reference Green and Smrcek2006). Prototypes are critical in the psychological experience of the designer, for re-evaluating failure as an opportunity to learn, and enhancing a sense of progress (Gerber & Carroll Reference Gerber and Carroll2012a).


The growing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement has resulted in large repositories of cataloged designs. The analysis of these databases can lead to key insights in low cost prototyping.

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Figure 14. An example of cooperative prototyping. In this case, a designer is discussing requirements with potential users who have prototyped and presented a simple mockup of a product. For final design, see Figure 11.

In general, research provides compelling evidence that it is critical to prototype multiple iterations, and in the early phases of design. Research has supported the use of prototypes for ideation as a means to increase the percentage of functional ideas, versus pure sketching. The time required to produce a prototype is inversely related to fixation. Therefore, a rapid process can reduce fixation when employing prototypes to develop new concepts (Figure 28).


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While studies have evaluated the effects of sketching ability, few studies have explored a designer’s ability to construct models, fabrication proficiency, and how that may affect prototyping outcome. This could be a key element in enabling designers to prototype more effectively.

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Figure 10. Example relaxed requirement prototype, (left) very low-fidelity and relaxed requirement prototype; (right) medium fidelity prototype. The design is for an evaluation tool that is used by multiple organizations. The prototype on the left allows for early, rapid prototyping of readability with the design team. While the higher fidelity, functional offline interface on the right allowed for testing with end users. Both are reduced fidelity prototypes, at different degrees.