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It’s Where’s Wally/Waldo, but on your phone, and better than the original because every picture moves. Your touchscreen adds an extra layer of interaction, and everything you tap will reward you with an adorable animation: bushes part their leaves, blinds unfurl in windows and birds take to the sky with a squawk.

Berrette: No – I detest it. I like art for art’s sake. I don’t like that I have to bastardize it by creating a secular branch of the creative process so as to make money.


Berrette: Follow your dreams, no one else can ‘ease on down’ the yellow brick road for you. Ever heard the expression “Mind the Gap”? I heard it in the movie Notes on a Scandal.

you can play right now. 

Download to your computer. Now install the app and launch it in your android and you just need to provide super user access to the app to proceed and after that you need to reboot. Product keys are crucial, but they're not always the easiest to locate. Some users report success with Android 4.2 and 4.3. I _just_ grabbed a Xoom for cheap, but I'm interested in something non-Tegra Aug 22 06: 04: 14 now that there's an android kernel, they get to work on building android for it Aug 22 06: 04: 21 the demo unit posting was earlier on XDA Aug 22 06: 04: 24 i give it another 2-3 days before any real progress is made Aug 22 06: 04: 27 atleast the activation bypass Aug 22 06: 04: 28 PDunny: some posted the fix.


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Berette Macaulay, Jamaican Artist Dancer Photographer Philosopher- Minding the Gap Part 1 11

The best mobile farming game is made for solo players: it’s made for long afternoons chopping down trees outside your house, for cold mornings sat on the side of a wooden dock with a fishing rod dangling in the water, and for manufactured morning routines to give your virtual life a sense of structure. It’s also very deep - far deeper than its cute art style suggests, and the turn of every season is a chance to master a new system or mechanic.

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I come home often and work there sometimes but I think it may be a couple of years before I move back though. It’s on the radar now for sure, where it wasn’t a blip of a consideration a couple of years ago.

Inkle’s mobile masterpiece feels as relevant and rich today as it did when it came out five years ago. You play Passepartout, valet to Phileas Fogg, guiding your employer around the world against the clock. On one level, it’s a resource management game (going here): you have to plot Fogg’s route while making sure his finances and health remain intact. But it’s so much more than that. Each of the 150 cities you can visit exude character, and are brought to life by evocative descriptions that give you a sense of place and history, all with a few sentences and an accompanying image.


Oxenfree’s premise - a group of ‘80s teenagers pile onto a creepy island - is a classic mystery trope, but you’ll soon realise this is anything but an ordinary game (click for info). The supernatural twists and turns will keep you locked in, but the characters are the real draw. Drag racing hack no rootz.

Berrette: The soundtrack for the Broadway play Passing Strange, a coming of age story about an artist trying to find “the real” from LA, to Amsterdam, to Berlin, and back. My God – anyone on that search (as all artists are I guess) should see this play and get this CD. I saw it on Broadway twice this week!


Outdoor & Indoor Games

Berrette: It’s been the ultimate journey for me; I feel I’ve learned so much here. I love NYC because I have done everything I wanted to do in my life here with relative ease, and I hate New York for the same reason.

An artistic puzzler about shifting perspectives with some of the most beautiful levels you’ll ever lay your eyes and fingers on. They’re wistful optical illusions: sprawling, curving structures that defy comprehension, but that you must learn to bend to your will. A few turns of a staircase here, a well-placed twist of a pillar there, and protagonist Ro can move onto the next screen, where you find a new colour palette and another, equally stunning building.


Every sound is mouth-made, and they’re so good that it’s worth clicking on every object - not just the ones you’re trying to find - to hear what noise they make, from the buzzes of bees to the unzipping of a tent. When we hear the ‘ping’ you get for finding one of the many hidden objects in each level, we can’t help but pause, smile, and search for the next one.

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Berrette: Beauty, truth, and originality expressed in its purest form and with cojones! Keeps me pumped whenever I encounter it. And it can be in any form – visual art in all its forms, music, concert dance, theater, spoken word, poetry, film, whatever.