Sabrina Malheiros (1) Sabrina Malheiros (1) Junior Mance Trio (1) Henry Mancini (1) The Manfred Burzlaff Quartet feat Gloria Steward (1) Manfred Mann (5) Manhattans (2) Terry. Madlib Medicine Show #5: History of the Loop Digga, 1990–2020. It earned him another Independent Album of the Year award from The Source.

Planet Asia and Madlib (https://foodprocessingtechasia.com/content/uploads/files/download/planet-asia-madlib-cracks-in-the-vinyl.zip), ya’ll know that’s a win win situation. Preview above and download below.

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Tremendous Island Records material from Bronco – a set that already has the group changing up their sound from their debut, but still really finding a great lead in the vocals of Jess Roden! Roden's got this well-crafted style that crests and crackles, but without ever sounding forced or calling too much attention to itself – this really special quality that's always had us thinking that Jess is one of the great overlooked singers in 70s rock. Production creates some harmonic moments in his solo leads, and other tracks have some harmony support – which warms up the sound in a nice way amidst the acoustic instrumentation. Titles include "Amber Moon", "Time Slips Away", "Discernible", "Sudden Street", "Joy & Fears", and "Woman".


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The album's got an understated cover, but the set more than lives up to the sort of crackling sounds we've been loving from Gogo Penguin in recent years – that UK trio with a way of really remaking the interplay between piano, bass, and drums! If anything, the bass and drums seem a lot more upfront in the mix than on old school piano records – sometimes driving the sound of the group with a very chunky rhythm, sometimes still crafting this more subtle soundshaping – but at a level that really sets the piano free on these long, lyrical runs! Yet the piano can also be pretty darn rhythmic, but in ways that are maybe more cyclical, especially when compared to the drums – all of which makes for a very unique sound on titles that include "Signal In The Noise", "Atomised", "Embers", "Totem", "Kora", "Don't Go", and "F Maj Pixie".

The original had a more cinematic feel but Oh No's version demonstrates just how much a proper remix can flip a track on its head. Oh No brought an entirely different level of funk and flavor to the track making it a low-key burner, equipped with a crunchy bassline and spaced out groove. It’s an addictive sound that brings another dose of replay value to an already dope song.


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Really great later work from trumpeter Chet Baker – material from his final decade on the planet (site), a time when he was really changing up his sound to suit both his physical and creative needs! As on some of the best from this period, the record's a trio date – and instead of piano, guitarist Philip Catherine is there to provide these loose lines that are a perfect pairing with the open, airy, and well-crafted work from Baker on trumpet. The group also features Jean Louis Rassinfosse on bass – and titles include "Sad Walk", "But Not For Me", "Leaving", "Strollin", and "Love For Sale".

Peanut Butter Wolf - 16 - Definition Of ILL

There's a sense of warmth here that crackles wonderfully – that raspy Golson tone that we first grew to love in the late 50s, and which has only deepened with age by this point. The set includes the wonderful original tune "One More Mem'ry", plus great versions of Golson's "Sad To Say", "Touch Me Lightly", "Five Spot After Dark", "Once Again", and "Out Of The Past".


The dubmartian swap meet

A searing lost performance from this legendary group – the amazing Yosuke Yamashita on piano, working here with Akira Sakata on alto and clarinet, and Moriyama Takeo on drums – a unit that was one of the greatest improvising trios on the planet (https://foodprocessingtechasia.com/serial-code/?file=9551) at the time! Sure, many folks look to the intensity of the French and German scenes at the start of the 70s – or maybe the American legacy of players like Cecil Taylor or Jimmy Lyons – but Yamashita and Sakata together are simply mindblowing, and have an energy, tone, and sense of timing that's completely their own! Drummer Takeo really knows how to balance things out – and we love these guys so much, material like this is a fantastic addition to their classic catalog.

A great little collection of unusual grooves – put together by author/dancefloor historian Tim Lawrence, and very much in the same spirit as his groundbreaking book of the same title! As with some of Lawrence's best work, the collection goes way past the obvious, and starts the clock at a time long before the disco years – really showing the variety of unusual rhythmic contributions that were bubbling under before breaking into the mainstream.


Like everywhere in Africa during the 1970s, both men and women sported huge afros, bell-bottom trousers and platform shoes. James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and The Temptations’ funk were the talk of the town.

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The venues mentioned in that article were the luxury hotels that had been built to cover the growing demands of the tourist industry. The state-of-the-art hotel Al-Uruba, with its oriental ornaments and white plastered walls, was a wonder of modern architecture. All of Mogadishu’s top bands performed there at some point or another, and many of the songs presented in this compilation were created in such venues.


All the tracks were recorded during one set at Lennie's in Massachusetts in 1965, and overall, the performances have a longer, more unbridled feel than most of Byard's studio work of the time. The range of his work on piano is incredible – modern one moment, soulful another, and trad the next – and Farrell's playing is surprisingly strong for such an early point, especially on the longer tunes on the set, which really let him open up in exploratory solos. Titles include "Dolphy #1", "King David", "Twelve (alt)", "St Mark's Place Among The Sewers", and "Jaki Byard's Ballad Medley".

Anyway, this Sunday the label will throw an all-dayer at Los Angeles venue The Sex, with ten DJs playing for ten hours, strictly spinning off 45s. The party starts at 4pm and ends at 2am, with Dam-Funk, Danny Holloway, J Rocc, Madlib (https://foodprocessingtechasia.com/serial-code/?file=8685), Mahssa, Baron Zen, Mayer Hawthorne, Prince Paul, Rhettmatic and Peanut Butter Wolf.


We always knew the folks at Motor Music were mad, but never this mad. Yet only beautiful madness could have led them to put out this insanely over-stuffed set of the complete works of one of the spookiest vocal groups of all time. Led by Gene Puerling of the Hi-Los, and recorded by the studio genius of MPS, the Singers Unlimited were a memorable group who managed to bring together jazz, easy listening, pop sounds, and even a bit of TV-jingle technique, in order to form a unique blend of harmony vocals that sounds like nothing else in the planet.

Not a sleepy string quartet record – as the album's got a nicely jazzy vibe – with Vinnie Burke on bass, Bobby Grillo or Kenny Burrell on guitar, Calo scott on cello, Dick Wetmore on violin, and Jimmy Campbell playing brushes on the Manhattan phone directory! Titles include "Topsy", "Blues For Skeeter", "Solar", "C & V", and "Blues In The Closet".


A great mix of heavy funk and sweeter ballads from the Isley Brothers – and a record that's filled with two-part tracks that really let them stretch out and groove! The tunes have a bit more bass and keyboards than before – an approach that's even more electric than Isley funk of a few years back, and which steps out in some tightly vamping rhythms that still crackle with plenty of warmth and soul – especially on the mellower numbers, which dominate side two of the record, and really make this one worth having! Mellow tracks include "For The Love Of You (parts 1 & 2)", "Sensuality (parts 1 & 2)", and "Make Me Say It Again (parts 1 & 2)" – and funkier numbers include "Fight The Power (parts 1 & 2)", "The Heat Is On (parts 1 & 2)", and "Hope You Feel Better Love (parts 1 & 2)". CD also features a bonus track – a live version of "Fight The Power", recorded "live" in the studio, and never released before!

Nevertheless, this is a raw uncut feel of Hip Hop by two seasoned veterans. Two of the West Coast's finest collaborate on this project called "Cracks in the Vinyl"; Madlib on the beats and Planet Asia (why not try here) ripping the mic can hardly go wrong the way I see it! Finyl Vinyl Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Stranger In Stockholm Stranger In Us All Ralf Illenberger Rammstein. Tags: FLAC, West Coast Hip Hop. Planet Asia (681 words) case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article Command (with Gold Chain Military Crew) 2020: Camouflage Jackets (with G-Force) 2020: Cracks in the Vinyl (EP) (with Madlib (see this)) 2020: Each Step becomes Elevated. He is surrounded by hip-hop legends like, Ice Cube, E -40, and 2Pac. Planet Asia] / My art imitates life, the whole ship / But what's a goldfish to a great white / The moment where I get mad at is when I.


Pelt and Stephens really bring out some unusual moments here – given great rhythmic inspiration by Al, who also contributed a number of wonderful tunes to the set too – sometimes short, sometimes long – really with a sense of variety that really matches his energy on the drums. Tracks include "Douglas", "Brandyn", "Our Son", "Song For Monique", "Jazzon", "Bonnie Rose", "Jean-Pierre", "Samba De Michelle", and "Simone's Dance".

Excellent funky work from Lou Donaldson – and a groundbreaking record that was the first to feature him playing on Blue Note with drummer Idris Muhammad – who is listed on the session under his birth name, Leo Morris! Muhammad gives the album that crackling funky bottom sound that instantly defined Lou's later years at Blue Note – a hard and heavy approach to soul jazz that's had incredible repercussions in the world of hip hop, as well as soul and funk.


Genres: West Coast Hip Hop. Nov 17, 2020 - The first vinyl edition of Madlib Medicine Show were released in one-of-a-kind silkscreened sleeves and an extra disc of music. The full list of releases for Record Store Day 2020 has been revealed, with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Robyn, Gorillaz, New Order, Eminem and Biffy Clyro set to drop exclusive vinyl (find more info) this April. Listen to both songs on WhoSampled, the ultimate database of sampled music, cover songs and remixes. Hip-Hop Nostalgia takes you on a unique journey through the back alleys and hidden corners of memory lane; digging up past rarities, celebrating cult classics, and still finding ways to showcase emerging talent. I meet someone who has never seen Ross's work, but then I get excited because I have a new chance to go into a rant about how awesome his stuff is! Genres: West Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Hip Hop.

Ali comes on full at times, punctuates the proceedings at others – and Jaco moves between round notes and more abstract elements – sometimes even upping the fuzz in a really great way. Titles include "Broadway Blues", "Slang", "Fannie Mae", "Purple Haze", "Continuum", and a version of "Naima".


A killer hardbop session from the early 60s – one of Sonny Clark's later sides for Blue Note, and an album that features a great lineup of players that includes lesser-known Blue Note hornmen Charlie Rouse and Tommy Turrentine! The record crackles with the energy and imagination of Clark's best work for the label – leaping and loping along the grooves with a free-thinking approach to the tunes, and coming up with some exotically-tinged takes on the hardbop sound of the time – yet still allowing plenty of space for searing solo work. Ike Quebec joins the group on a few tracks as well, and titles include some of Clark's best compositions – like "Melody for C" and "Voodoo" – as well as the tracks "Eric Walks", "Midnight Mambo", and "Deep In A Dream". CD reissue also features a rare bonus cut, the great "Zellmar's Delight", and an alternate take of "Melody for C"!

FREENESS: Planet Asia & Madlib - Cracks In The Vinyl

Vocals are in English – which should have made this record a crossover international funk hit – and the whole thing can kick the ass of just about any early 80s funk album on the planet. Titles include "Sexy Woman", "Atlantic Breeze", "Be A Lover", "Super D Jay", and "Love Or Money".


Vodka & Ayahuasca, an Album by Gangrene. Unique Roots Posters designed and sold by artists. Shop unique custom made Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Posters, Tapestries, and more. Here's some super heavy and super tight beats & rhymes from NYC emcee AWAR and Texas-based producer Rob Viktum. Ann Powers GoldLink, ' CNTRL ' The hat trick. Madlib)" Skip to main search results. Crates" by Planet Asia and Madlib feat.

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1 Planet Asia & 38 Spesh – Trust The Chain 81%
2 Planet Asia & A Plus Tha Kid 3%
3 Planet Asia - Each Step Becomes Elevated 97%
4 Planet Asia - Initials on My Jewelry 48%
5 Planet Asia Lyrics and Songs 42%
6 Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military 79%
7 Planet Asia x G_Force 55%
8 Planet Asia & The Worlds Freshest 70%

One of the greatest albums ever recorded by hardbop trombone legend Bennie Green – an all-star sextet session that cooks like a mofo! The group features the twin tenors of Billy Root and Gene Ammons (billed just as "Jug" on the session, because of contractual reasons) – and it crackles with electricity from a rhythm section that features Ike Isaacs on bass, Sonny Clark on piano, and Elvin Jones on drums. There's some fantastic tracks on here, including Babs Gonzales' "Lullaby of the Doomed", and a monster jam called "We Wanna Cook", which was once described to us as "all you ever need to have a house party" – to which we wholeheartedly agree! Other tracks include "Black Pearl", "BG Mambo", and "Soul Stirrin" – and the album's one of the heaviest duty Blue Notes from the time!

Go Search EN Hello, Sign in. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Planet Asia at the Discogs Marketplace. A potent psychotropic miasma of stygian drones, hypnotic rhythms and eldritch sonic matter summoned from the nighted gulfs of the outer void. Sliding a t-shirt over his head, he padded barefoot down the hallway, listening for any indication of your whereabouts. Planet Asia: What It Means To Be A 5 Percenter. LP. 75. critic score (2) 75. user score (10) 2020. Pablo 9. Top Illin 10. Necromancing 11. Keep On Rockin It feat.


A very different album than some of the more recent efforts from the legendary drummer Tony Allen – and a set that shows that, as the title proclaims, there is no end to the creative talents of the mighty musician – even after he departed our planet! This set has Allen working with a variety of singers and MCs – serving up tunes that mix Afro Funk elements with a heavy dose of hip hop – thanks to contributions from a shifting lineup of guests that includes Sampa The Great, Tsunami, Nah Eeto, Zelooperz, Koreatown Oddity, Danny Brown, Marlowe, and others!

However, more exciting than that is the fact that the label will release a box-set of ten 45 singles, spanning the label’s history. Peanut Butter Wolf, Lootpack, Madvillain, Jaylib, Quasimoto, Guilty Simpson, J Dilla and more feature. Tracklist below [via Pitchfork].


Another soulful member of the great Laws family – sweet modern soul from the great Eloise! The album's a bit in the mode of the Debra Laws album from the same period – warmly done, with rich production touches, but also a bit of a crackling undercurrent. Eloise isn't as modern stepping as Debra – but still great nonetheless – and handled well here by Thom Bell, who does the arrangements, and Linda Creed, who produced most of the set. Ronnie Laws also handled one track, the nice jazzy "Almost All the Way to Love" – and other cuts include "Let's Find Those Two People Again", "Moment to Moment", "If I Don't Watch Out", and "Search, Find".

All these names have risen to great fame as leaders on their own, but they really seem to hit something special here in the company of Blakey – this strongly focused sense of energy that has the group coming across with a great deal of power, before each of the members serve up some tremendous solos on their own! Tunes fresh readings of Messenger classics "Blues March" and "Moanin", both with a very individual vibe, given the soloists – plus the tracks "Jodi" and "Mr Babe".

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Drummer Roy Haynes always brings something great to the table for any album he does as a leader – and this record is no exception! Here, the "added something" is the presence of Roland Kirk on reeds – offered a key early chance to express his most modern ideas in the freedom of Haynes' group – working alongside Tommy Flanagan on piano and Henry Grimes on bass, in what was easily one of the hippest groups to record for Impulse in the early 60s! The record's filled with wonderful material – and a mix of originals and standards done with a very twisted edge – all with great interplay between Kirk's quirky sax work and Roy Haynes' amazing drumming – often changing up timings and rhythms with ease, and really matching Kirk's quirky energy for the set. Titles include "Moon Ray", "Raoul", "Snap Crackle", and "Long Wharf".


Music Downloads 320kbps Tracks DJ Trax Songs mp3 remix, mix rmx, Trance Dance Techno House Electro Psychedelic Duch-House Private FTP Server Member Vip Users ftp. Genres: West Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Abstract Hip Hop. I remember few years ago there was one rare MF Doom/Madlib single, import only and I could only find a snippet on some site to buy. Drumah Remix ) 02: 49 buy track 12. Pete Rock Feat. ALI: Well, you're absolutely right, and I think there's some companies out there that know that, and they reach out for people. GET AD-FREE WHOSAMPLED PREMIUM! PLEASE SEND ALL GUESTLIST LISTINGS THROUGH TO [email protected]

A well-blown set from alto saxophonist John Handy – recorded with larger arrangements at a time when Impulse Records was trying to match the sounds of CTI, but done in a way that still holds onto all the sharp soul of Handy's earlier years! The format's nice and full – with lots of keyboards from Sonny Burke, George Spencer, and even Lee Ritenour – but Handy's crisp alto lines cut through the record wonderfully, bringing in these soulful tones that remind us a lot of Gary Bartz in a similar setting – always filled with spirit, and searching out with a nice sense of personality. Titles include the groover "Watch Your Money Go" – plus "All The Things You Are", "Carnival", "Alvina", and "Love's Rejoicing".


Not the original Quatermass EP from The Heliocentrics – but material that takes off in an even fuller, heavier direction – and which may well be the funkiest sounds we've heard from these guys so far! The music is stunning right from the very first heavy bassline and sharp drum crackle – more focused, more full-on, and more funky than before – with this mindblowing mix of super-tight rhythms and nicely trippy work on keyboards and guitar – all freaky and fuzzy, but always with a sense of purpose, too – and never just crazy for the sake of crazy! These guys really hit a new high with this set – simply wonderful, and at a level that has us falling in love with them all over again. Titles include "The Pit", "Gas Bottle", "Discovery", "Phenomenon Of Man", "Telekinesis", "Night & Day", "Looking Back", "Mass Psychosis", and "The Final Conclusion".

A heartbreaking classic from Terry Huff and his Special Delivery group – a hip 70s harmony soul ensemble who deliver some wonderful backup on the set! The record's a stone east coast classic from way back – arranged and conducted by Al Johnson, with a vibe that's a slightly more polished take on the harmony modes used by George Kerr over at All-Platinum – still never slick or commercial, but that great indie blend of heartbreaking vocals and deeper male sensibilities. Terry Huff has a high-end vocal approach that's great – never cloying or too-sweet, but nicely crackling and almost in a Ralfi Pagan mode at points.


Calling the police often escalates situations, puts people at risk, and leads to violence. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. In Japan, where underground rappers had previously found a limited In. The word is this entire EP was recorded while Planet Asia (you could try this out) was in Germany for a recent stop. Tracks include "Future Flavas" with AG, "Message" with KRS One and Shuman, "All In Together" with L Da Headtoucha, "Hardcore Sh*t" with Planet Asia and Rasco, "Queen" featuring Pete Rock, "Worst Nightmare" with OC and more. Lord Goat) 5. Hall Of Doom 6. Click or Press Enter to view the.

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